We have a unique Southern California custom rancher which was designed and built in the early 1960s. The house sits on a concrete slab and had no basement. We wanted to add on an addition that would give us some additional room for the kids as well as a basement. We started working with Dave Lunden and the Timberlake team several years before we actually started the project. Once we began the project, Dave and his team worked meticulously to ensure that the new addition would match the existing house design to give the impression it was part of the original structure. Timberlake did a fabulous job throughout the building process to ensure every detail was met to complete satisfaction. I was especially impressed when one of the inspectors came in a said “Oh this is a Timberlake project, they always keep their job site clean and we rarely find any issues.”

I think the biggest part of a successful project and satisfied customer is tied to the project manager, who is the primary customer facing individual. Ken did an awesome job in his role as project manager. His default answer for everything is “No problem we will take care of it.” That statement certainly put us at ease many times during the project when issues or concerns arose.

We were extremely impressed with Timberlake and would recommend them for any home improvement project.

We demolished an old portion of the house and added an addition which included a new kitchen, bathroom, entry way, mudroom, double garage and recreation room above the garage with a full bath. Timberlake is a superb contractor. Their work was flawless, timely, and affordable. Every employee they have, and subcontractor they used, was a true pleasure to deal with. They took all of the stress out of a very stressful process. They responded to every request we made, and then some, adding special touches to the project. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

To all the folks at Timberlake – CONGRATULATIONS – and thank you, thank you, thank you on a very tough whole house renovation on an original, 1955 stacked 5-level stone house in Cape Arthur. Very well done and we won’t hesitate to tell our friends and neighbors about how wonderful Timberlake was to work with.

It is refreshing to know that there are still companies and people within companies that respect each other and are true working partners to get a job/whatever completed/done. Kevin and I are very happy and can’t wait to see how our home is going to be transformed. Thanks again!

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