Integrity is fundamental to every interation we have with you. You have our word when it comes to our reliability, commitment and trustworthiness. We never compromise our reputation.


When a need arises, or an opportunity knocks, Timberlake is “on it.” You’ll appreciate our quick thinking and how we respond rapidly to your needs. We want to build and foster long-term relationships and therefore we do not promise externally what we can’t deliver internally.


Intelligence, ingenuity, insight – Timberlake brings significant “brain power” to every project. The collective depth, breadth, and experience of our team sets us apart in the marketplace. We are experts in a diverse range of residential real estate specialties.


There is no “cult of personality” at Timberlake, no celebrity face of the company. Every member of the team contributes, and their contributions matter. This commitment to collaboration and our multi-layered organizational structure enables us to nimbly adapt to your unique project requirements.


Where others see problems, we see potential. Our team looks beyond immediate challenges and envisions the full realm of possibilities. Imagination matters at Timberlake Design/Build.