When designing a custom home, Timberlake Design/Build starts the process with you. How do you live? What design style resonates with you? What do you like/dislike about your current home? What anticipated future needs should be considered (e.g. will an aging parent need to live with you?). There are numerous things to consider, and our personalized approach helps you confidently go through the process with as much ease as possible.

By focusing on your unique needs, each Timberlake home is truly one-of-a-kind. Whether using architectural plans from our award-winning portfolio, or working with an architect to help you design your dream home from the ground up, you will see our unique expertise at work, from homesite selection and engineering to financing, design, construction and project management. Our “on time, on budget with care” creed is supported by a well-organized and thoughtful process—personalized to your project—that can only be offered by a company with the experience, talent and longevity Timberlake Design/Build delivers.

The list of custom features that we have built is as long as your imagination can envision. From making the house accessible for a family member with disabilities, to creating a hidden door behind a moving bookcase, to building a customized garage to house that special car, the inclusion of antique stained glass windows, re-purposing old architectural features from a prior house, we have worked with our homeowners to truly make their houses uniquely their own. Each homeowner is unique and each project is also unique. Our homeowners appreciate the time and effort we put in so that they will be delighted with the decisions and selections they make.

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Featured Testimonial

Timberlake Design/Build’s high standard of performance, knowledge and skill was demonstrated throughout the entire process. They fully lived up to their ‘on time, on budget, with care’ pledge.