Do you have building lots or developments?
We are primarily an “on your lot” custom builder, but occasionally we secure land for small developments on which we will build. We also maintain lists of available lots and land within our building areas.
Do you offer financing?
We usually build homes financed by local lenders. However we do have several preferred Lenders to assist buyers in the process.
What type of warranty do you offer?
We offer a 1, 2 and 10-Year Limited Third Party Warranty on every new home we build, depending on the portion of the home.
Why should we consider building a new home rather than buying one that is already built?
Our production building companion company, Timberlake Homes, gives us the buying power to offer our clients the best possible prices. In addition our land development expertise and low overhead lowers your risk and cost. Building your own custom home allows you the opportunity to select the design and features you want. You also select and help plan the building site and can visually inspect your home while it is built.
How long will it take to build my new custom home?
There are many variables that effect the building time for a custom home project, but generally most custom home projects take 6 months or less. The variables include the size of your new home, complexity of the design, site specific issues and other considerations. Our step-by-step process has been designed to maximize our skills and to eliminate wasted time. Our “on time, on budget, with care” creed means we’ll do everything in our power to meet anticipated completion schedules. Read more about our process or timelines.
We have plans for our new home. What is the next step?
That’s great and it’s now time to meet to discuss your plans, ideas, timeframe and budget. We can then be sure that we understand what you are looking for in your new custom home and how we can best meet those requirements.
We have not finalized our plans. Can we still receive an estimate?
We will be happy to provide you with a budget estimate based on the information available and preliminary plans. To provide a final quote, final plans are required. Key items like foundation design, flooring, material and finish choices and other unique features have a direct impact on the final price.
We just purchased a home that needs major renovations. Can you help us design our dream home?
We have developed close relationships with several local architects who can assist you with your design. Working together we identify those areas that are to be prioritized to transform a so-so home into your true dream home.
Can Timberlake Design/Build build on our lot?
Yes, our land development expertise allows us to build on most any lot.
Do you build on a cost plus basis?
It is our belief that our clients are best served with a traditional turn-key bid as it lowers risk for you and in most cases results in lower prices as we are always motivated to find the best service at the best price. Most of our homeowners like the comfort of knowing what their costs will be going into a project. We are willing to build on a cost-plus and can discuss the pluses and minuses of doing so.
Does Timberlake operate via fixed price Contracts for the construction of a new custom home or should I expect to see a bill for ‘extras and additional items’ once the project is completed?
Timberlake Design/Build operates via fixed price Contracts and avoids material and labor allowances if and whenever possible. Barring any approved changes to the Scope of Work and specification or unexpected situations encountered during the course of construction (i.e., termite damage, previous construction not done to Code), the price quoted is the price you pay.
How do I know exactly what materials, finishes, site development work and other items are included in the overall Contract?
We prepare an extensive Scope of Work for each project that we build. This document breaks down the specific parts of each project, what’s included, and explains in detail the materials used. We endeavor to cover every aspect of the project from permits, excavation, foundation all the way through to finishes including, but not limited to flooring, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, trim, paint, siding, porch & deck material, countertops, cabinets, etc. The greater the detail, the less the opportunity for misunderstandings and mistakes.
How does Timberlake Design/Build request payment as the project moves forward?
Timberlake issues a detailed Construction Draw Schedule for each custom home wherein payment is tied to the completion of project milestones and is broken down into manageable percentages for the homeowner’s convenience. A small deposit at contract signoff – usually $5,000 – is requested to fully execute the contract and formally add the work to our construction calendar.
Does Timberlake provide homeowners with Lien Releases for labor, materials or both supplied by Timberlake’s trade partners during the course of construction?
Absolutely and we are required to provide homeowners who may request Lien Releases under the Custom Home Act. All trades will sign off on Lien Releases once they receive payment for the portion of work that has been completed. Timberlake will obtain Partial Lien Releases as the work progresses and then Final Lien Releases as necessary. For instance, completion of rough mechanicals will trigger a payment so a Partial Lien Release would be provided for work completed through a date. Completion of the final mechanical work would trigger another payment and a Final Lien Release would be provided. Depending on the type of work, Timberlake may only provide a Final Lien Release.
If a particular item is allowanced, how does Timberlake handle situations where the material and/or labor costs for the allowanced item come in either over or under the budgeted allowance amount?
If an item comes in under a budgeted allowance we will issue a credit via Change Order for the difference. Conversely, if an item comes in above a budgeted allowance we will issue a charge for overage also via Change Order. We provide pricing to our homeowners before a change is made so that they can make an appropriate decision. Often times, and to avoid any confusion on how Change Orders and Allowances are billed as construction progresses, we provide the cost we actually pay for material and apply a previously approved markup on these items.
How does Timberlake manage changes to the original Scope of Work as the project progresses?
We will issue a Change Order for each change that affects the original Scope and pricing of the project. These Change Orders are signed by both Timberlake and homeowner so there is no confusion on what is being changed or why. The total contract price will be adjusted up or down according to the type of change; addition or deduction.
How does Timberlake manage the overall project; both from a personnel perspective and a scheduling perspective?
Each project is assigned a Sales Manager and a Construction Superintendant. The Sales Manager is responsible for the overall contract, communication with the homeowner and the process of making and confirming selections for all materials and finishes. The Construction Superintendant is the point of contact on a daily basis for all onsite construction operations, coordination with trade partners, permit compliance, County inspections and all scheduling for the job from start to finish. In addition, our President and Purchasing and Estimating Manager will provide oversight and quality control throughout the construction process.

Cool Things

These innovative products/services caught our eye so we thought we’d share them with you!

A free iOS app that enables you to see how furniture from brands like CB2 and Horchow will look in your home.  You simply take a photo of your room, and the app pulls in the product images you select.

One stop location for you to store important household information like renovation budgets, maintenance schedule and even insurance policies. Free for iOS and Android.

Create and share your own personalized photo books of ideas that will automatically refresh whenever new images are added. This would be a great platform to share new finds and wish list items for your home decorating project once your renovation is complete! Free for iOS.

Time lapse video of one of our recent projects: http://youtu.be/CLRaVM1V8xw

A nice app that allows you to take pictures and then draw or make notes on the picture to share with others. We will use this from time to time on our projects to communicate potential changes or alterations with homeowners and architects.

An open courseware site that offers free courses and material through the internet. Visit http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/architecture/ for details.